Welcome to the new OmniSci Community Forum

Welcome to the OmniSci Community Forum! All users before February 6, 2020 need to create a new account, even if you previously had a Discourse or Higher Logic login. Our apologies for the inconvenience, we hope to never have to do this again :slight_smile:

– The OmniSci Community Team

Good to see new OmniSci Community Forum.

However, will appreciate if you can load the previous Topics, as this was helpful.

Hi @Sumit, thanks for rejoining us!

As part of our re-platforming, we evaluated importing all of the past history. Ultimately, the two systems were disparate enough that we decided that it wasn’t feasible for us to take on a project like that. Rather, we have collected the themes from the past topics and will be writing a series of Frequently Asked Questions topics, some of which have already been started:

We hope that over time, these guides will surface information much more efficiently than having to search through the post history, which suffered both from outdated branding as well as problems that have been resolved through newer versions of the OmniSci platform. We invite community members like yourself to make suggestions for content that belongs in the FAQ pages, so that this Community can be a highly valuable resource for beginners and experts alike.