What are the storage Engine name and dbtype used for Mapd database


I’m trying to connect Mapd database with GeoServer for that i creating JDBC based MapD extension for GeoServer.

To configure properties inside extension i need StorageEngines names for MapD for example mysql database usage StorageEngine “MyISAM” and dbtype “MySQL”.

so i want to know storage engine name and dbtype of mapd.




StorageEngine is a MySQL concept there is no equivalent concept in MapD.

I think dbtype must be some GeoServer alias perhaps to the undelying DB. I would recommend you review how it is used to determine what is meaningful there. I would set it to something like MapD as a starting point.

It should somewhere be asking for the Driver and URL for the jdbc connection to MapD, these are normally the minimum requirement for a jdbc connection.

Driver: com.mapd.jdbc.MapDDriver
URL: jdbc:mapd:::mapd



Actually i saw jdbc based extension for GeoServer almost look same concept implemented JDBCDataStoreFactory and access DataAccessFactory methods.

Could you tell me about
1.MapdDataStoreFactory related concept and similar concept related to which database extension.
2.what are classes need to create for extension like classes for available for any other database extension.

please give me some related concept or flow for extension your help is very appriciate.
how to accomplish same.



We are not familiar with GeoServer extensions.

We are working on the assumption you are already familiar with what you need to build an extension for GeoServer, and just need us to help you with the MapD Integration specific stuff.

If this is not the case then we are running in circles :slight_smile: