What date operators are supported


I have an Event table with a start_time TIMESTAMP column and a duration Integer column (number of seconds since event started). What I want to calculate is an event finish time = start_time + duration in a query. Clearly SELECT start_time + duration won’t work as there are no units but the error hints at a <DATETIME_INTERVAL> type. There appears to be an INTERVAL keyword but I can see how to actually use it.

Can someone provide some information as to how to use this operator.





INTERVAL is not fully supported yet.

We are adding support currnetly for TIMESTAMPADD and TIMESTAMPDIFF

you will be able to write your query like this

SELECT TIMESTAMPADD(SECONDS,duration, start_time) as end_time FROM TEST1;

in a release coming very soon

Your only option right now is to convert to epoch

SELECT EXTRACT(EPOCH FROM start_time)+duration as end_time FROM TEST1;

depending on if you want to use it a comparator this may work for many use cases



Thanks, that’s great and a perfectly good solution for what we’re doing. Related question: is there a way to go from the calculated value back to a timestamp?



There is no support for going back from epoch to a timestamp via CAST



Yep, noticed that :slight_smile: Will sort that on the client side. Thanks again