What is advantage of MapD compare to Kinetica?


Hi MapD experts,

We all know MapD and Kinetica are both gpu-base database, both distributed, the most obvious difference is: Mapd is open-source.
I am curious about what is the advantage of MapD compare to Kinetica. Performance? Stability? Or cost-effectiveness? Could you tell me more?




Challenging question.

It is hard for us to compare to Kinetica as they are not an open source system.

From a cost perspective we obviously have the advantage as we have a free offering :slight_smile:

We believe we have the fastest performance out there. As you can see on these few benchmarks here:


and one from a community forum member here

There is no public data on Kinetica performance for us to do a proper comparison. What we have heard from prospects and customers about our system’s performance has always been very positive. We certainly believe our approach through the careful use of GPU memory (our tiered caching) and compiled queries gives us a significant performance advantage over other platforms.