What is “Rendering Engine”?



I checked the table “MapD Community” and “MapD Enterprise”.
Two of “Immerse Visual Analytics Client” and “Rendering Engine” feature were “Non-Commercial”.

  1. What is “Rendering Engine” ?
    The POINTMAP function in MapD Immerse can draw POINT (WGS84 point), but other types of geometry cannot draw right now, I think.
    Using MapD Enterprise, can MapD Immerse draw any types of geometry like LineString, Polygon, MultiPoint, MultiLineString, MultiPolygon ?
    If not, MapD Core or Vega have any functions to draw them ?




The MapD Core database includes a powerful rendering engine which renders the results of SQL queries as PNG compressed image files, all in-situ on the server GPU. This gives users the ability to visualize billions of records in pixel-perfect visualizations without the need to send multi-gigabyte result sets from server to client.

Render Engine support rendering of points & polygons currently. Additonal capabilities are currently being worked on.

Please see MapD-Charting for more details

examples are here:


this one shows multi layer rendering of points and polygons





Thank you for quick reply and sample page.
MapD Core engine is so great and cool.
I understood that polygon and point were supported.
I know that each point is drawn using each record’s lon and lat data.
It’s easy to convert them to WKTPoint data.
The other hand, polygon data is pre-defined country or state boundary data I think.
Is it possible to draw using each record’s WKTPolygon data?

One more.
WKTLineString is not supported right now.
I’d like to know why not supported. It is hard to support WKT-geometry series?
Or is there any problem?

Thank you very much.