What's the relation between mapd-charting and mapd-core?


what’s the relation between mapd-charting and mapd-core?
can mapd-charting run without mapd-core?


Hi @dengjinli,

Currently mapd-charting is structured to leverage mapd-connector, which in turn uses our Thrift API to send SQL, rendering, and metadata calls to MapD Core. Since MapD Core is ultimately a SQL database, with a moderate level of effort mapd-charting could be augmented to point at another connector api that would be able to hit another database.

That said, we are primarily focused on making mapd-charting and MapD Immerse to be able to uniquely take advantage of the speed and rendering capabilities of MapD Core, so do not have such an effort on our roadmap. However if you or others would like to contribute to such a project we’d welcome the effort and help where we can.