Where can I find table information?


I’d like to know how much cpu/gpu memory and disk space is being taken by my tables, including how much for each column. It would also be nice to see where the data is right now (is it on the gpu? half and half?).



Thanks for your interest in MapD

Most of the information you are asking for is available via mapdql requests

\memory_gpu will give you a detailed report of how memory is being use on the gpu. The association back to your columns a and tables is not documented currently so yuo may have to dig in the code a little
\memory_summary will give you a high level overview of the CPU and GPU memory being used.
\clear_gpu will clear everything out of gpu memory
\clear_cpu will clear everything from cpu memory

On disk, if you look in the mapd_data directory you can review disk usage for a table with standard unix command line requests. The tables are each in a separate subdirectory.



Thanks, the slash commands were very helpful. Unfortunately the \help command only listed \memory_summary. The doc at https://www.mapd.com/docs/latest/mapd-core-guide/mapdql/ doesn’t have them either. Is there a list of them all?

When looking at mapd_data, the directory names don’t appear to have any relationship to the table names. How do you tell what’s what? Even if this works, it would be much more convenient to be able to get this info from a query or from a slash command.