Where can I have a peek of MapD Immerse UI source code?



I’d like to understand and make some modification of Immerse UI. I’ve explored the MapD core repository and couldn’t target on a specific file of it. Can anyone tell me where I can find it?




The full immerse code is not open source.

There are some libraries which allow you to build charts like we use in Immerse

and another to allow you to connect and talk direct to the MapD database



Hi @sylvanyang777 would you mind sharing the modification you had in mind?


Somewhat along the same lines I would like to know if you could create a custom chart (which had x/y coords) such as a building layout or a sports court to reflect and receive crossfilter messages, something akin to a “plugin” custom map for Immerse.


@jonbaer We are working on an API to plug in custom charts into Immerse. In the meantime for your use case you can use scatterplot for non-geo x/y coords. You can’t currently overlay a base image (i.e. a basketball court) but if there is enough demand for this kind of thing we could consider adding it. (See below for an example, the accumulation density rendering feature shown below should land in next week’s release.)