Where to find more mapdql info


hi, as i know , at mapdql mode , there have \status \memory_summay, \o etc. where to find the more detail info ?


Hi @giverking -

Can you be more specific about the type of information you are looking for?



such as get all tables’ name, every table’s filed defined etc…


Here is the contents of our helpfile for mapdql, and our documentation under the “SQL” section provides a much more in-depth set of commands to retrieve information:


mapdql> \h
\u [regex] List all users, optionally matching regex.
\l List all databases.
\t [regex] List all tables, optionally matching regex.
\v [regex] List all views, optionally matching regex.
\d <table> List all columns of a table or a view.
\c <database> <user> <password>.
\dash List all dashboards accessible by user.
\o <table> Return a memory optimized schema based on current data distribution in table.
\gpu Execute in GPU mode's.
\cpu Execute in CPU mode's.
\multiline Set multi-line command line mode.
\singleline Set single-line command line mode.
\historylen <number> Set history buffer size (default 100).
\timing Print timing information.
\notiming Do not print timing information.
\memory_summary Print memory usage summary.
\version Print MapD Server version.
\copy <file path> <table> Copy data from file to table.
\status Get status of the server and the leaf nodes.
\export_dashboard <dashboard name> <filename> Exports a dashboard to a file.
\import_dashboard <dashboard name> <filename> Imports a dashboard from a file
\roles Reports all roles.
\role_list <userName> Reports all roles granted to user.
\privileges {<roleName>|<userName>} Reports all database objects privileges granted to role or user.
\object_privileges {database|table} <object_name> Reports all privileges granted to an object for all roles and users.
\q Quit.


i got it, thank you very much !