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Now you can instantly query and visualize up to billions of rows of data on Google Cloud Platform! Using GCP Marketplace, analysts and data scientists can now access a fast open source SQL engine and visual analytics platform from within Google Cloud’s extensive cloud computing services suite, with no manual configuration required.

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Launching On GCP:

Analysts and data scientists choose OmniSci Cloud for extremely fast visual analysis of very large data sets, without waiting for IT to procure or provision GPUs. To launch OmniSci on Google Cloud Platform, you select and configure a GPU-enabled instance. Search for OmniSci on the omnisci-launcher-public project on Google Cloud Platform, and select a solution.

OmniSci has two types of offerings - Enterprise Edition (BYOL) and Open Source Edition:

  • OmniSci Enterprise Edition (BYOL) - OmniSci Enterprise Edition (EE) is priced on BYOL basis (Bring Your Own License). Google Cloud Platform allows GPUs to be attached to multiple instance types, so the choice of cores or RAM is up to the user. OmniSci recommends at least 128GB, ideally 256GB of RAM for single node. You can customize the configuration later when deploying this solution. 
  • Open Source Edition - OmniSci Open Source Edition is free for the users on Google Cloud. Now you can easily build your own instance of the OmniSci Core SQL-engine. You can customize the configuration later when deploying this solution.
  • OmniSci in Kubernetes - OmniSci can also be deployed in the Google Kubernetes EngineThe support for GPUs makes GKE a perfect fit for running OmniSci. OmniSci offers Docker images for both Enterprise Edition and  Open Source Edition to run on GKE.

For more detailed instructions, click here.

Installation Requirements

Operating Systems

  • CentOS/RHEL 7.0 or later
  • Ubuntu 16.04 or later

NVIDIA hardware and software (for GPU installs only)

  • Hardware: Volta, Pascal, or Kepler series GPU cards. OmniSci recommends that each GPU card in a server or distributed environment be of the same series.
  • Software: NVIDIA CUDA Drivers, version 410.48 or later. Run nvidia-smi to determine the currently running driver.

For more information in the Documentation, click here.


OmniSci will provide support through email on a best effort basis, limited to basic operation of the software.

  • Installation: Refer to any additional instructions to get started with OmniSci on Google Cloud.
  • Forum: You can join our forum to connect with experts, learn tips and tricks, and ask questions.
  • Datasets: Here are some sample datasets that you can use to try the OmniSci platform.

            1. Yelp business data

            2. NFL Dataset

            3. Ford GoBike



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