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The OmniSci Enterprise Edition and Immerse visual analytics platform allows you to query and visualize billions of rows in milliseconds using NVIDIAs GPU instances. You can use the OmniSci container available on NVIDIA GPU Cloud to try OmniSci Enterprise and Open Source Edition.

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Launching On NGC:

OmniSci is the world's fastest SQL engine which helps you find hidden insights beyond the reach of mainstream analytics, by letting you query and visually explore large datasets at extreme speed. OmniSci can query up to billions of rows in milliseconds, and is capable of unprecedented ingestion speeds, making it the ideal SQL engine for the era of big, high-velocity data while harnessing the massive parallel computing power of GPUs.

OmniSci has two offerings on NVIDIA GPU Cloud - Enterprise Edition and Open Source Edition:

Steps to install:
Sample nvidia-docker run:

docker run --runtime=nvidia \
-v $HOME/omnisci-docker-storage:/omnisci-storage \
-p 6273-6280:6273-6280 \

Get a trial license key here. Then use the browser to open OmniSci Immerse and enter the license key by connecting to:

http://<docker host machine>:6273

Installation Requirements

Operating Systems
CentOS/RHEL 7.0 or later
Ubuntu 16.04 or later

NVIDIA hardware and software (for GPU installs only)

Hardware: Volta, Pascal, or Kepler series GPU cards. OmniSci recommends that each GPU card in a server or distributed environment be of the same series.
Software: NVIDIA CUDA Drivers, version 410.48 or later. Run nvidia-smi to determine the currently running driver.

For more information, click here.


OmniSci provides remote support services to assist with basic operation of the software. No need to worry about uptime and 24/7 availability. We are a quick email away.

  • Forum: You can join our forum to connect with experts, learn tips and tricks, and ask questions.
  • Datasets: Here are some sample datasets that you can use to try the OmniSci platform.

            1. Yelp business data

            2. NFL Dataset

            3. Ford GoBike



* Demo - Jensen Huang (CEO of NVIDIA), and Aaron Williams (VP of Community at OmniSci) present a predictive analytics demo on telecommunications network data.
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