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The power of OmniSci can be applied to any dataset that is put into our GPU-based database. Omnisci’s super fast processing and rendering capabilities are best put to use with VAST datasets. The acronym stands for Volume, Agility, and Spatio-Temporal. 

At OmniSci, we like our datasets big. REALLY big. That’s why we include volume, because we know that we can deliver high speed results for datasets containing thousands, millions, or billions of records in a matter of milliseconds.

Agility means that we created our product so that it can handle interactive and real-time analysis. If decisions need to be made on the fly, OmniSci can handle the workload and make your job easier. 

We know the importance of visualizing data, especially time-sensitive geographic data, when performing analysis. That’s why OmniSci’s GPU-rendering technology allows us to create maps of data with lightning speed. Whether it’s tracking cars to gather information on the vehicle telematics industry or watching an All-pro wide receiver’s routes on the NFL field, OmniSci can provide high-speed analysis. 

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The VAST Difference
OmniSci is the perfect product to use with VAST datasets. In the Automotive industry, OmniSci has the ability to deliver high-speed results when analyzing vehicle telematics data that are both large in volume and geospatial. Whether you are tracking an entire fleet of cars or want to zero in on a single vehicle, OmniSci allows the user to visualize their data in milliseconds. See interactive demos that demonstrate the power of OmniSci's SQL based engine here or here.

OmniSci has great use cases for the Telematics industry. Due to carriers' high volume of data and their needs to deliver a high quality experience to their customers, OmniSci provides the perfect solution to improve quality, detect network anomalies quicker, and scale critical network information in seconds. See how we've positively impacted this area here

Learn more about how OmniSci uses VAST datasets to improve Data Analysts, Data Scientists, and Geospatial Analysts jobs by exploring our Community site and our use cases featured on our corporate website.

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